Businesses can be bought and sold but this process can be quite different from other forms of commercial transactions.

Often there is no real estate involved, so valuation is completely different.

Buyer come from very different places and they can place much different values on the same business.

Often sale price includes Goodwill which does not map to hard assets, so it is recommended to employ a professional.

Less structured/ less regulated market – information comes from all across the business community, and advertising is often done through private websites and outside real estate boards.

Marketing is often done confidential basis not disclosing location, and buyers normally sign non-disclosure agreements before obtaining information.

Traditional financial results are restated using non-GAAP processes – speak to me about getting your statements ready for market.

Contact me to learn more and have a confidential consultation.

In various capacities I have handled businesses across multiple segments from Home Staging, Manufacturing, Restaurant, automotive and more.

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