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Landowners : have you heard of Part Lot Control ?

Part Lot Control gives municipalities control over the severance of land parcels. They also have mechanisms for removing Part Lot Control, which can be attractive for land owners, allowing them to make additional divisions. For example, see the City of Hamilton’s page on this :

Developing land – Site Plans and Record of Site Condition

In the city of Burlington there are many requirements for developing land. Generally if the land is raw an owner will have to prepare a Record of Site Condition (Environmental) that can cost $10,000 – $15,000 or more, a Site Plan which can cost $100,000 or more and various other municipally mandated items.  

Land prices in GTA

I use the term land “prices” rather than land “values” as land has no intrinsic value as in a development with infrastructure and buildings. Having just completed an industrial land search from Mississauga to Hamilton, and planning further searches for specific clients, I can say that prices are climbing and recent deals are really eye…

Endangered Species Act – the basics

I am representing a buyer of a parcel of raw industrial land in Hamilton and I included a condition that we are satisfied that there are no undue risks related to the Endangered Species Act. There are 2 main Acts – The Species at Risk Act (Federal) and the Endangered Species Act (Provincial). For interest…

Sale and Leaseback – better than outright sale?

We are seeing an increasing number of clients considering sale and leaseback, for many good reasons : A global manufacturer wanting to add a new production line costing $2million who owns their own building valued at $5.5million with significant equity tied up; A manufacturer who won a bid for a major supply contract but realized their working…