Past Transactions

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Past Transactions

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Tenant Representation

Selected Lease deals done in no particular order :

Tenant Rep : 3,000SF temporary sublet for a tech client – Burlington

Landlord Rep : 800SF space for a First Aid trainer – Hamilton Mountain

Landlord Rep : 3,500SF industrial plus outdoor storage for road maintenance company – Flamborough

Tenant Rep – Retail unit for specialty ladies lingerie in regional plaza – Burlington

Landlord Rep – industrial freestanding unit for sign company – Burlington

Landlord Rep – 30,000SF industrial for a restaurant supply company – Hamilton

Landlord Rep – 2 freestanding storage/ industrial units for window tint company and motorcycle customizer -Flamborough

Tenant Rep – 2,500SF ground floor unit for dental hygenist – Hamilton

Tenant Rep – 8,500SF office unit for tech company – Burlington

Tenant rep – 4,000SF office unit for industrial supplier – Burlington

Tenant Rep – 2,500SF office for engineering firm – Mississauga

Landlord Rep : freestanding house with commercial zoning to a woodworker – Hamilton

Landlord Rep : industrial unit to a kitchen company – Brantford

Landlord Rep : 7,500SF unit to a dog daycare – Brantford

Tenant Rep : 3,500 commercial unit to print graphics company – Burlington

Tenant Rep : 2,500SF commercial unit to a cross-fit operator – Hamilton

Landlord Rep : 2,500 office unit to a private school – Hamilton

Tenant Rep : 1,800SF retail unit to Fish and Chips restaurant – Burlington

Landlord Rep : 16,000SF retail unit to a furniture retailer – Caledonia

Landlord Rep : 800SF retail unit to kitchen installer – Waterdown

Tenant Rep : 7,500SF industrial unit to a battery distributor – Burlington

Tenant Rep : 2,000SF retail unit to Service Ontario – Burlington

Tenant Rep : small office unit to telecom company – Burlington

Tenant Rep : 2,300SF office unit to software company – Burlington

Tenant Rep : office unit to environmental services company – Burlington

Tenant Rep : 8,000SF industrial unit to large turbine soundproofing provider

Tenant rep : 2,400SF commercial unit to upscale kitchen design company – Burlington

Tenant Rep : 2,000SF industrial unit to countertop manufacturer – Burlington

Landlord Rep : 725SF retail unit to foot care provider – Burlington

Landlord Rep : Residential apartment – Burlington

Landlord rep : 2,400SF retail unit to church office – Hamilton

Tenant Rep : 2,200SF industrial unit to electrical contractor

Purchased or Sold – in no particular order :

Purchased : 2 houses and 5,000SF outbuilding – Flamborough

Sold : rental house and 2,500SF shop – Waterdown

Purchased : 2,400SF Industrial unit – Burlington

Purchased : 1,800SF commercial office condo – Burlington

Purchased : 1,000SF retail condo – Burlington

Purchased : 3.8AC industrial land – Hamilton

Sold : House converted to offices – Burlington

Sold : 4,500SF industrial building – Hamilton

Sold : 14,000SF commercial buildings on 4.7AC land – Flamborough

Sold : 2 commercial buildings plus apartment on 12,000SF lot – Hamilton

Purchased : 10,000SF industrial building – Burlington

Purchased : 2AC industrial lot – Guelph

Sold : freestanding commercial/ office building – Hamilton

Sold : .5AC undeveloped industrial lot – Hamilton

Sold : 2,400SF industrial/ office commercial condo – Burlington

Sold : 2,400SF auto themed commercial condo – Burlington

Sold : Home staging business – Burlington

Sold : Industrial equipment manufacturer – Dundas

Sold – snack/ lunch restaurant – Burlington

Purchased : Industrial facility for truck components manufacturer – Flamborough

Sold : Restaurant/ commercial building – Hamilton

Sold – 4,500SF office building – Oakville

Sold – Commercial/ retail condo – Bronte

Purchased : 2,400SF industrial unit – Burlington

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